About The Synapse Project

The Synapse Project is a California Limited Partnership. The Synapse Project team was formed nearly ten years ago. Initial projects included developing food technology software under contract, primarily for the confectionery and snack food industries.

During this time we saw the need to create a software product for food technologists, providing the tools to manage product formulation, labeling, ingredient and contact information. We introduced Paragon Food Technology Software®, Version 1.0 at the IFT Food EXPO in June, 1995. PFTS 1.0 was well received and provided adequate funding for moderate marketing, and the development of PFTS 2.0 and USDA Handbook #8 Navigator. These products were introduced at the Food EXPO in 1996. See “Products” for details, and download an evaluation copy of PFTS 2.0.

The Synapse Project also designs, hosts and maintains web sites for food and nutrition related entities. With extensive experience in the food and computer industries, The Synapse Project provides food companies and organizations with professionally designed and engaging, web-based, communication platforms. See “WebDesign” for more information.

The Synapse Project’s recent development emphasis has been thought4food.com®. We are convinced this service offers considerable benefit to the greater food industry. thought4food.com® is an international food information service. The goal of thought4food.com® is to be the food industry professional’s home base on the web. This is accomplished by providing timely content and superior communication tools.

The Synapse Project:

  • A shared vision and mission
  • A common desire to make a positive contribution to the food and nutrition industries
  • A focused team of individuals with extensive experience in the food and computer sciences, technologies, industries, and academia
  • Extensive Internet/web development and hosting expertise
  • Notable representation in the Institute of Food Technologists and other leading associations
  • A global network of contacts in the food industry
  • A commitment to quality, integrity, honesty, and customer satisfaction


“A world where every food professional has the tools to conveniently obtain, manage, and communicate information”


“Provide the world of food and nutrition with superior technetronic solutions to information management and communication needs”