Eye Care Tips for Seniors in Their 50s

Eye care is a vital necessity for seniors, especially for adults celebrating their 50th birthdays and beyond. After a half a century of life in a world that constantly suffers from senseless environmental degradation, not to mention the popular phrase that ‘age is catching up with you,’ good vision still matters.  The good news is that research findings have unravelled various ways on how to go about eye care. Think less of advanced age and talk more of top recommendations for the palmetto supplements, and optical glasses, then your sense of sight will never take a nosedive for a very long time.

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Now, to cut short a long story, this post samples top eye care tips for seniors. Therefore, take a look at the next sections to learn more.

Eye Health, Dieting and Exercising-what’s the Link?

There is a strong correlation between eye health and dieting, even for seniors.  Forget about an old adage that encourages eating plenty of carrots to obtain vitamin A and take a walk further to even more vital eating advice. According to several studies focusing on nutrition for men and women in their 50s, foods such as oily fish (any source of omega-3 fatty acids), spinach (any leafy green) white meat, oranges, grapes and citrus fruits are highly recommended.

Exercising for an average of 30 minutes every day is equally important for eye health. Together with healthy dieting, they are everything you need to keep away type 2 diabetes. Type 2 diabetes, according to studies, has a strong link with blindness in seniors. For a better quality of life, the adrenal support supplements won’t disappoint.

Managing Exposure to Technological Gadgets Such as Computers

We live in the age of technology, and using gadgets such as smartphones and computers to access information on the web is indispensable. If you are senior, it is therefore advisable to use protective lenses when using these gadgets. Most importantly, take breaks in between-every 20 minutes away from the screen.

Safety Tips for Protection Against Uva and Uvb Rays

Sunglasses come to the picture with a mention of UV rays. However, not every product in the market is worth the money. Opticians advise wraparound glasses for seniors as they are very effective against UV rays fallout by up to 99 percent.  If you still drive in your 50s, then polarised glasses would make amends with your quest for a healthy and sustained optimal vision.  Remember to maintain regular visits to your doctor as it would help with early detection of possible eye problems.